Event: Yoga in the Fort Canning Park

It’s official.

Yoga at Park with Erny will be held every Sunday morning 8am at Fort Canning Park.

About Yoga at Park
 Take in the wonderful landscape of Fort Canning Park while we flow through our practice conciously. Breathe better with the clean air surrounded us in the morning as compare to breathing in a confined space. Often, as we think that we are struggling in the pose – you will see squirells running around the trees,their play ground, and it put a smile to our face and without realizing that the earlier struggle wasn’t that significant any longer.
I will take you through 60 minutes (maybe longer) practice of gentle yoga, series of sun salutation to connect our breathe with our body and mind and holding some poses inpired by yin yoga. This practice is designed to be suitable for all level of yoga practioners and modifications will be introduced to cater to all our different body structure and needs. I only have one requirement for you to practice with me, breathe 🙂

About Meditation
I will be offering meditation sessions pre or post practice – depending on majority and I welcome all even those who has not done meditation before. To be honest, I don’t empty my mind when I meditate – what a lot of us will think people do during meditation sessions. I meditate to make room for “me” time and to allow myself to be calm and at peace with myself. Not all of us will be able to stay still for a period of time and we may be lost during the process, it is perfectly okay. That is the whole point of meditation, getting to know yourself. Just tell yourself this, “OK, I am going to sit here and close my eyes, listen carefully to my own breathe (hey, do I always breathe this hard?) and be curious about what is happening within me. Ok, 2 minutes has passed and I still don’t get it and my feet are numb. I am not getting it this time, I will try again next time round. Maybe I should will ask my teacher on how to prevent feet from getting numb (seek for alignment advise). — I am here again, sitting down crossed legged attempting to meditate. I am just going to focus on my breathe this time (focus only at one thing at a time). Ok, this is better than the last time.”
I am not saying that you have to meditate 30 minutes at your first attempt. Just ignore the time and allow yourself to learn by itself. Simple? 

What to bring with you
– Mat (Note: please do expect to get your mat dirty when we practice at park)
– Bottle Water
– Towel
– Insect Repellent
– Last but not least – open heart 🙂

Yoga Love Paws
A minimum $10 will be much appreciated to facilitate the exchange of energy and all donation collected will be contributed to animal shelter in Singapore (to be decided which non-profit organization). Let’s share our love to man’s best friend and allow them to have a comfortable space to live and play. The are the less fortunate ones whom have not found loving friend to bring them home.

To join us for Yoga at Park, please kindly drop us email at info@solisyoga.com and please also let us know if you are bringing any friend(s) with you.

How to get there
For those who drive; please park at Car Park B
For those who take train; Alight at Dhoby Ghaut Station.  You should be heading towards Park Lane Mall exit and please walk towards the “Entrance from Canning Rise”.
For those who take bus; please alight at bus stop opposite Park Lane Mall and walk towards “Entrance from Canning Rise”.
Note: Please see below map on where exactly we practice at Fort Canning Park.

Looking forward to have you with us and let our practice vibrate loving wave and eventually make us a better person. Better person equals to better world.

Namaste xox

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Solis Yoga in Hiatus

Dearest yogis;

After receiving many inquiries of recent, I should update everybody on Solis Yoga whereabouts. It could be the post holiday 2012 & new year resolution to-do-list. I am flattered and excited that you have included yoga in the list, thank you 🙂

I have made a really tough decision to close down Solis Yoga at river valley location as result of trying to sustain the business for a year and it wasn’t a successful one (from business point of view). It was AMAZING journey with the wonderful souls I encountered – I was hopping like a bunny just to have someone walk in to have a chat and those who eventually practice with me – some are very often, some are when they are in town in between business trips. I would say I am very honoured and I want to do this for the rest of my life. I really do. Sharing yoga, practice together, laugh, share life experiences and share good food together after class – I am happy.

I learn to grow my practice as I watch my students improve from day 1, I learn to accept that all of us are same but unique in our own ways and we should always remind ourselves that we have to respect our body mind and soul.

I decided to put a stop to the business before I start to focusing so much on finding fund to cover my business rather than focusing on how to improve my own yoga practice and how to be able to share yoga with more people. At this moment of time; I can manage once a week yoga at the park – I have some crazy souls who are addicted to it and willing to wake up at 6am! I can’t believe that and I am so proud of them. I do. Yes, I am talking about you 🙂

Until I find enough fund and suitable space to continue Solis Yoga; take care and practice when you can. Even just 5 minutes, 10 minutes at your own time. Drop me an email at erny@solisyoga.com if you need a chat, discuss about progressive private sessions and yoga at park.

I am here wishing all of you to live your life with consciousness, love and compassion. It is ok to cry, It is ok to be silly and it is perfectly ok to be just YOURSELF



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Bali Blissful Retreat 2011

I have been tossing the idea of planning for a retreat to Bali – my favorite place on earth so far. I am looking at a relaxing and inspiring retreat where we can do yoga, learn more about Bali and its charm, indulge in massages & spa, probably experience Bali scuba diving, and treat our self to delicious organic meals or maybe just grab a book and sit by the pool to relax and find some “me” time.
Why Bali? I couldn’t describe how the island made me feel and I know some people avoid going to tourist filled destination – too many people or too expensive. I beg to differ just for Bali. If you know where to go and what to do in Bali – and approach it from a different perspective, it can be refreshing journey.
So, how does sunrise & sunset yoga topped with balinese massage and celebrate life with new friendship over delicious meals sounds to you?

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Mr Smiley

I thought that I should start sharing about people that I have encountered in my life since I embark my yoga journey.
Introducing a nice gentleman by initial N. A gentleman that walk pass our shop one day and came to say hello and interested in doing yoga with me. I wasn’t sure if he is serious about it and I wasn’t convinced that I can lead a class with him in the picture. He is couple of decades older than me (I mean it). I am worried that I will somehow cause injuries to him. Putting that worries aside and I hear myself telling me that I gotta do this and I gotta have practice with this gentleman and I just have good feeling that he can be someone that inspires me in my yoga journey.
I always believe in fate and destiny and everyone that you crossed path with is there for a reason. You will realize it straight away or you may only realize it at later stage of your life. To date, we have had many amazing practice together and Mr N loves telling stories about his interesting life stories – which I don’t mind honestly listening to them because I am always excited and more than happy to listen :). I am truly honoured although he gotta try to be less serious when practicing and try to smile a bit more.
I wish at his age I can still do that much of exercises and travelling. He has strong practice and I really hope that I can learn and grow together with him in both practice and life lesson.
Thanks you N (from the bottom of my heart) for inpiring me with your determination and your interesting life stories 😉 maintain that smile no matter what challenges life has in line for us. Thank you for your kindness towards myself and towards everything that matters around me.
Looking forwards to lotsa practice with you

Yours truly,


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Yoga to raise fund for Jill’s operation

Dearest friends,
One of our beloved mascot dog, Jill was detected with mammary cancer  during our visit to vet last week and she is required  to go for  an operation next Thursday (rescheduled from this week – Tuesday) and the estimated cost for the whole operation (removal of mammary cancer, infection on tear gland and spay) will be about S$3000.
I would like to organize an evening of 90 minutes practice next Wednesday 8pm – 930pm  (March 30th, 2011) to raise fund for the donation – any amount will be appreciated to help towards the operation funds.
Thank you so much for all the well wishes


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New Classes schedule is out

Do you have longer classes? do you do afternoon sessions? We  hear you and we love receiving feedback and suggestion from our friends and students to our schedules or anything that can help Solis Yoga for being a safe, connected and playful space for yoga practice.
We have updated our classes schedules here and for the month of Mar – Apr, we do solely Hatha classes, however, expect poses inspired classes and lots of sun salutations


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This month’s practice focus: Core Core Core

I always enjoy setting a theme for my personal practice, I have decided to bring it to my classes as well. (why not?)
Expect to see some core inspired asanas this month in all my classes – to promote and build up your core strength.
Almost all asanas in yoga will either build abdominal muscles or requires core power to promote the stability in the asanas. You often heard teacher telling you “engage your core” to protect your lower back during Virabhadrasana I or to stabilize yourself in Sirsasana. Having a strong core allow yoga practitioner to have safer and strong practice.
(halfboat pose demonstrated by yoga teacher Sadie Nardini via http://www.gaiam.com)

Shall we have some core-ly fun practice this month? 🙂


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